Water & Waste Water Automation

MBC & CRM software (Elint water)

This product is developed for city water distribution companies / municipal corporations / water boards to improve their customer care operation capabilities reduce losses due to leakages & theft and improve operational efficiency in terms of effective water distribution, optimal utilization of water, accurate billing and subsequent revenue collection.

This is product has been developed by elink team with input from utility experienced experts. We are confident that this product will help the utility to improve their profitability, extend outstanding Consumer Service and build operational efficiency.


  • Developed by team having rich domain experience and understanding of water distribution mechanism and business in India.
  • Product is robustly built so as to be a retrofit to any organization requirements with fully customizable and scalable Modules and functions.
  • Adheres to most of the standard requirements as per by water distribution Regulatory bodies.
  • The first company in India to provide a cost effective solution for Utility distribution franchisees and government organization.
  • Low CAPEX investment and short implementation time.
  • Developed using the most modern technologically advanced tools and engines.
  • Benefits of Our Products
  • Structures and streamlines all aspects of a Water Distribution Franchisee.
  • All modules can be deployed either independently or in one go with total integration. This helps the client choose and prioritize their need based on critically of project.
  • This Product helps in better management practices to undertake operation and maintenance to generate maximum profits.
  • Improving billing accuracy and generate bills as per the Regulatory Norms.
  • Theft Monitoring through vigilance module ensures reduction in revenue losses.
  • Managing, metering, billing and collection operation in accordance with the billing cycle.
  • Performance monitoring of employees under incentive norms.
  • Management of customer complaints in customer redressal forum.
  • Effective Business Intelligence at various operational and management levels for quick and effective informed decision making
  • Monitoring of internal process and losses thereof for corrective actions.

Reservoir Management System

Real-time reservoir management is an emerging concept for water treatment process, Water may prove to be the most critical natural resource impacting human and ecosystem health.  There is mounting evidence that the condition of water supplies in many regions of the world is worsening.  With rapid economic growth taking place, there are challenging problems occurring in many water supply reservoirs.  The spectre of climate change hangs over these developments with implication for both water availability and quality. During the past couple of decades, there has been a vast improvement in understanding of the physical, chemical, and microbial processes that govern water quality in lakes and reservoirs. Similar advances have occurred in the understanding of water treatment processes. There is an urgent need to take advantage of this new knowledge by more closely integrating lake and reservoir management with the operation of water treatment plants. Looking into the immediate future, the major problems in the lakes and reservoirs we are proposing Real time Reservoir management system which includes:

  • Real time DAM Level Monitoring
  • Real time Water quality monitoring
  • Overflow alert generation
  • Water Contamination alert generation
  • Gate Open close operation and remote monitoring.
  • Level graph, trend with monthly and weekly reports.
  • SMS/Email based auto response system

Water & Waste Water Automation

The demand for safe, palatable water supplies continues to grow with world population and geographical expansion. Drinking water must be free of unpleasant characteristics such as colour, turbidity, taste and odour. More importantly, with today’s geopolitical risks, we must be even more diligent to ensure our drinking water is free of chemical and biological contaminants that can be toxic or cause disease.  Water Treatment Plants, in adherence to government regulations, are constructed to provide this safe water supply.

Few water supplies have drinkable quality without the need of some treatment.  The water supply, or raw water, is available from ground water sources, such as wells or aquifers, or from surface supplies such as rivers, streams or lakes.  Because raw water quality varies so widely, laboratory analysis is required to determine the proper treatment process for each site.  Surface water quality can vary seasonally, day-to-day or as a function of the weather.  Lakes in northern climates “turn-over” each winter and spring, causing periods of increased turbidity.  During periods of heavy rainfall, farmland runoff of animal waste and chemical fertilizers into rivers and streams creates special problems for the water treatment process. While laboratory analytical measurements are required to establish the proper treatment process, process control systems and on-line analytical instruments have been developed to assist the treatment plant operator in the control of the treatment process.  Process automation can be separated into two types – continuous (or analog), and sequential (or logical).  Flow control is an example of continuous or analog control, while the sequencing of valves in the backwash of a filter is logical control.   Originally, SCADA, Supervisory Control And Data

system of remote control of pumping systems for raw water supply and distribution of treated water.  Today, the term SCADA finds common usage in reference to the entire treatment process automation and control system control system and the remote control system.

We Offer:

  • Water & waste water treatment plant automation by PLC/SCADA system
  • Automation of pumping station.
  • Automatic chlorine and alum dosing system
  • Rapid sand filtration automation
  • Flow, pressure, level and water quality analyser monitoring system.
  • Quality based water treatment automation
  • End to end all water treatment plant automation.
  • Generation of operational report on weekly monthly basis and historian data storage.
  • Monthly pumping report, remote pump operation, energy monitoring and consumption monitoring system.


  • Control of water loss in water treatment process.
  • Water audit at every stage of water distribution.
  • Automatic water filtration on loss of head basis.
  • Manual and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Centralized control and monitoring system for all plant start from raw water, filtration plant and water distribution system.
  • Chlorine leak detection system along with toxic gas monitoring for plant.
  • Blower operation and control for decaying process of waste water treatment plant.
  • Water quality monitoring system for every stage of plant pH,TU,CL,TOD/BOD,TSS and many more ion parameters.
  • Based on real time parameter of water analyser automatic chlorine and alum dosing by dosing pump.
  • Energy audit of plant at each stage monitoring and control of actuators, pumps and various devices.

Water Distribution line automation

We Have solutions to monitor, control and optimize water distribution, waste water collection and water irrigation networks in real-time. These systems are often characterized by highly distributed control system architectures with many remote locations.

We Offer:

  • Real time valve operation and monitoring
  • Valve opening percentage monitoring
  • Water Tank level and outgoing pressure monitoring.
  • Individual line flow monitoring
  • Distribution line management system
  • Water balancing system
  • Leakage detection and response.
  • Scheduled base automatic valve operation.
  • Monthly weekly valve operation report generation
  • Valve fault detection and alert generation.


  • Water quality monitoring system of distribution line.
  • Water distribution network monitoring and consumption monitoring system.
  • Water audit and rectify water distribution loss rectification.
  • Real time response system which help us to enable protection against water pipeline breakdown the system will automatic close of intake valve at the time of pipe line breakdown within one to two minute.
  • SMS/Email base alert generation to concerned officer.
  • Water tank overflow protection by automatic closing of vale when water tank filled up to 100%
  • Web base /Android based monitoring and control from any place and for local operation impressive touch screen interface.
  • Real time water contamination alert generation system.
  • Monthly quarterly and yearly report generation.
  • Bar, Pie and trend graphs.

Real time ESR,HSR,GSR Management

ESR, GSR & HSR Management system is basically a technology by which we can monitor and control Storage reservoir to avoid water overflow below are the basic features of our storage reservoir management system.

  • Real time water tank level monitoring.
  • Automatic pump operation control of filling and refilling of water tank.
  • Real time water quality monitoring.
  • Water line flow monitoring
  • Individual line pressure monitoring
  • Control of pump dry run.
  • Sump level monitoring system
  • Water distribution management
  • Schedule base valve opening and closing.

Online UV Treatment System

We are proposing a system in which we can directly install the UV treatment mechanism on direct pipeline and treat the water in inflow system, No extra space it will reduce your chlorine dosing and provide bacterial free water to end user. Following are the key features of the system.

  • Chemical Free solutions with clear ROI for the Power plant industry and Industrial market.
  • Reduces Chlorine dosing.
  • One time installation cost rigid system life times more than 25 years
  • Chlorine reduces equipment life and result into damage.
  • Easy to install on pipeline and any tank system
  • Online software to monitor the UV System.
  • Reduces chlorine cost by almost 95%

Pump efficiency monitoring system

We provide a complete solution for pump efficiency monitoring by using our system of pump efficiency monitoring you can plan your preventive maintance.

  • Real time pump vibration, bearing and winding temperature monitoring.
  • Flow monitoring.
  • Energy v/s flow efficiency monitoring.
  • Complete health check-ups of pump 24X7 on web base portal.

Online Water Quality Monitoring system

The Elink’s  ioT device  can integrate with online water quality monitoring system any by using our integrated customer portal you can monitor the real time water quality any see the variation in water quality by using graphs and trends.

We can monitor following real time parameters on our integrated portal.

  • Chlorine
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • ORP
  • Dissolve oxygen
  • Fluoride
  • Dissolved Ozone
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Par acetic acid
  • Hydrogen para oxide
  • Turbidity

Intelligent Quality Monitoring system (iQMS)

iQMS is specially designed for monitoring of Effluent quality and air quality of STP and ETP plant. The system is installed on outlet of ETP & STP’s outlet and it will allow user to real time monitoring the effluent and air quality on integrated web platform and on android base monitoring software.


  • Real Time monitoring
  • Real time alert generation for Dry run.
  • Alert on crossing permissible limit
  • Monthly and weekly report.

Smart Metering

Smart metering benefits utilities by improving customer satisfaction with faster interaction, while giving consumers more control of their water usage to save money and reduce effort of manual billings. utilities can optimize water distribution and even take action to shift demand loads.

Smart metering helps utilities to:

  • Reduce operating expenses by managing manual operations remotely
  • Improve forecasting and streamline water-consumption
  • Improve customer service through profiling and segmentation
  • Reduce water theft 
  • Simplify micro-generation monitoring and track water 
  • Cellular communications provides a reliable connectivity option for smart metering infrastructure, including full IP infrastructure and low latency in 4G LTE. With the ubiquitous reach of modern cellular networks, and the development of LTE-M (LTE for M2M) providing long range low power cost effective solutions, utilities can connect meters easily and inexpensively virtually anywhere. And they can benefit from a proven, highly reliable communications infrastructure without taking on the costs of deploying and maintaining it themselves.