The Billing module integrates the data collected and processed in the CRM module,

The module allows defining of individual tariff schemes and process the same to generate and print bills in the required format.

The Billing module is useful for full for Power utility companies, Power Discoms, Power distribution franchisees, SEZ, and Small & Medium businesses that provide power distribution services.

  1. User-defined services and related tariff schedules
  2. Integration to various payment gateways
  3. Integration to AMR and Manual readings
  4. Strong validation of meter reading, Authentication and approval processes
  5. Automated deposit management including transfer, application and refund
  6. Dependent charge calculations based on usage
  7. Sharing of common property/contact master files with all land based FAST solutions
  8. Customized and Preformatted Bill design
  9. Comprehensive Reports and MIS
  10. usage, payments, penalties and deposits
  11. Enhanced Billing revision and adjustment process to address customer queries
  12. Proven solution with 12lalkh consumer billing on different state tariff